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How to build clarity for your career and life

Seeking Clarity is a powerful habit exhibited by high performers.

I remember seeing Simon Sinek’s seminal TedX talk, Start with Why, back in early 2010 and thinking, “wow! that’s exactly what I need to do. Lead with my why and the rest will work itself out…” Brilliant. But how do you go about finding your why? How do you go about connecting with the things you were born to do? The person you were destined to become? It feels overwhelming just thinking about it.

Seeking clarity is a high-performance habit. Research shows that people operating at their highest level are constantly asking themselves “who they want to be”, “what they want to do with their lives”, “the quality of relationships they want in their lives” and “how they want to be remembered”.

These are big questions and it will take a while to get used to asking and answering these question on a depth that really creates an impact in your...

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