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8 lessons that running taught me about creating momentum to change

personal mastery Oct 23, 2020

How do you go about creating change in yourself or your organisation? It’s not easy right? Most things worth doing tend not to be. You're going to have to overcome obstacles. It’s going to be difficult. In some cases, it might be painful. In some cases, you might 'fail'.

In my experience, the rewards associated with implementing change largely outweigh the risks, but only those who choose to start can support this being the case. Getting started, or creating momentum, is always the hardest obstacle to overcome. So for most, they will 'fail' before even getting started.

"Struggling and suffering are the essence of a life worth living. If you’re not pushing yourself beyond the comfort zone, if you’re not demanding more from yourself – expanding and learning as you go – you’re choosing a numb existence. You’re denying yourself an extraordinary trip."
Dean Karnazes, Ultra Marathon Runner

So how do you go about overcoming inertia and...

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7 ways to beat Zoom fatigue!

personal mastery Sep 17, 2020

Despite having worked with remote teams for a significant part of my career, I’ve been surprised at the impact that spending hours and hours on Zoom has had to my overall energy, outlook and mood. Come most afternoons I feel like I’ve been chewed up and spat out of my digital world like Kevin Flynn in Tron.

Like most of you, I am having to spend more time on Zoom in an effort to remain connected to my post-COVID life. I’ve had Zoom dinner parties, Zoom pub-quizzes, Zoom conferences and Zoom workouts! Whatever will we think of next?

Let’s face it. Zoom (other video conferencing technologies are available) is here to stay. Even when we finally overcome this pandemic, the way we work has changed forever. With most people valuing the benefits of working from home over the normality of working from an office, it will be hard for employers to convince their workforce that returning to the office is a great idea.

So what can we do to more effectively manage...

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What is High Performance?

personal mastery Sep 10, 2020

The question that I am being asked most is “what exactly is high performance?” Well for me….

High Performance is a choice.

You can choose to be ordinary or you can choose to the extraordinary. The choice is yours. If you chose to be ordinary, great! congratulations and I wish you nothing but the best. But if you want to create a massive impact on the world, the lives of those you love and leaving a lasting legacy, then you want to be a high performer.

High Performance is not something reserved for the 1%
It’s not something that you have to be born with. It can be taught and achieved through the consistent application of behaviours which form habits that will last you a lifetime. In addition to the numerous scientific studies that prove this, I myself have been through the processes and can attest to its impact.

If you are a leader, High Performance is an obligation.
If you are responsible for others then it is your absolute duty to make sure you are...

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8 ways to lead yourself so that you may lead others in a crisis

personal mastery Aug 21, 2020

As leaders, it’s important that we role model the way and set positive examples in everything that we say and do. As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to tighten its grip on the world and the impact of social distancing begins to take hold, these are some of the things that I am doing to build the resilience required to lead in these testing times.

1. I am doubling down on my daily gratitude practice

Every morning I am reminding myself about the things that I am grateful for. My family, my health, my friends and the opportunity that the future holds (even in these testing times). I think about those less fortunate than myself, particularly those severely impacted by this pandemic. I ask myself about what I can do to help and I pray that they will at some point find peace.

2. I remind myself that I’ve been here before

I was in America on 9/11 and just about to begin a software engineering degree when the dotcom bubble burst and the markets collapsed. I was a...

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