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6 challenges that will help to increase your productivity by 200%

productivity Dec 17, 2020

Productivity is a topic that has fascinated me throughout my whole career. I've always wondered how some people seem to get so much done whilst others struggle to get by. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, right?

I've had a rollercoaster relationship with productivity. I've had periods of being extremely productive and then periods of where I'm flicking back and forth through my email trying to work out what I should be doing. Embarrassingly it still happens from time to time today!

So what makes some people more productive than others? Well, productivity is a high-performance habit and over the last few of months, I've been researching heavily into the topic for a group coaching session. My conclusions are below in what I call the Productivity Equation.

Productivity is equal to Clarity times Energy time Courage times Influence to the power of neceessity divided by distraction

Productivity is equal to Clarity times Energy times Courage times Influence all to the power of Necessity divided by Distraction.


When we think of productivity, the most common activities that come to mind are...

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